New Build Supplies & Complete Refit Logistics

National Marine Suppliers has been an integral part of numerous new build projects worldwide since the conception of the company nearly two decades ago. Due to the ever expanding industry and its growing demands, National Marine has developed an internal New Build Division, which is solely dedicated to fulfilling the needs of New Build Projects around the globe. The New Build Division is founded on the same business principle that has made National Marine an industry leader. Instead of utilizing discount structures like operation, though, New Build works on a cost plus margin, ensuring your project gets the best possible bulk pricing.

The New Build Division is comprised of professionals from the yachting community and other related professions. Our team works hand-in-hand with all other departments of the company, from deck to engineering, interior to medical, fueling to provisions. National Marine focuses on combining and integrating this knowledge as a valuable aid during the early conception stages of space planning and departmental budgeting. Once established as a New Build client our accountant will be in touch to outline the billing process to make sure your personal needs are met.

Designed to streamline the process of having foreign and domestic vendors, we offer you access to both. By utilizing our established buying power and worldwide resources, we put the global market into the palm of your hand. We offer your projects team a direct line of communication for any assistance you need. Whether it is product researching or manufacturing a custom item, we utilize a simple yet structured and straightforward form of technology for placing, processing and completing your orders from the first quotation to the final invoice.

The New Build Division also provides your design team, interior department, and owner with the chance to purchase all Owners Supply goods from one resource, therefore safeguarding that best pricing is offered as well as the correct attention to receiving, storing and consolidating of all future shipments. This creates a smooth process throughout and enables the Owner's team not to need to keep up with numerous vendors. We know full well that completing the order is only half the service, so the New Build Division takes the packaging of all our goods to a new level above industry standard, providing your team the assurance that all shipments will arrive at your destination in an organized manner.

The New Build Division welcomes you to contact us directly for more in-depth details on our services and how we can further assist the custom needs and structure of your New Build Project.

  • MCA Fire, Safety and Medical Equipment
  • Engineering Tools, Spares and Stores
  • Machinery and Mechanical Ships Systems Spares
  • MCA Tenders and Personal Watercraft
  • Deck Stores, and Supplies
  • Bridge and Electronic Navigation Equipment
  • All Water Sports
  • Galley and Interior Appliances
  • All Interior Goods
  • Uniforms and Foul Weather Gear
  • Custom Furniture, including Deck Furniture
  • Dock
  • Mooring
  • Heaving
  • Water Toy Tether
  • Snubber
  • Lloyds Approved Tow Line

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I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the speed at which this order of fenders has been compiled and put together! To be honest I didn’t really expect anything less from you guys at National as throughout this build and operational period everything has run smoothly and been super efficient.

Second Officer
Second Officer,