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    EMP Solutions Lightning Protection

    The Most Advanced Lightning Protection in the World!


    EMP Solutions is the exclusive supplier of the CMCE Lightning Suppressor. The most advanced lightning protection in the world! This product, based on a 100-year-old Nikolai Tesla invention, guarantees to protect your vessel from a direct lightning strike. The CMCE balances the variable electrical field using its unique patented technology creating an invisible shield around your vessel providing protection that exceeds lightning rods, surge suppression, or grounding. Rather than attempting to control lightning, the CMCE eliminates it! There are a range of sizes to protect any vessel ranging from 20’ – 700’ and each comes with a No Strike Guarantee of up to $500,000 USD and a ten-year warranty. Protect your boat for life for less than the cost of a year’s slip rental.



    The CMCE balances the electrical field using its unique patented technology based on the research of Nikolai Tesla.


    In 1916, Nikolai Tesla recognized the shortcomings of Franklin’s rod and patented a ‘lightning rod that inhibits lightning’.  This dome shaped apparatus was never used in Tesla’s time, but it is that technology that  the CMCE is based on.  The CMCE is a variable electric field balancer that constantly draws in both positive and negative ions and sends them to ground BEFORE the cloud to ground strike has a chance to form.  The result is a large protected area where lightning will not strike.



    • Prevents Lightning From Striking
    • Protects Homes, Boats, Businesses & More
    • Less Expensive Than Traditional Systems
    • 100% Effective & Guaranteed
    • 10 Year Warranty


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