Devices & Service Plans

Whether you are traveling the world or right here in Fort Lauderdale, National Marine Suppliers can provide your crew with device and communication solutions. We offer a wide range of products and service packages with no start-up or activation fees. By working directly with AT&T & T-Mobile as a service provider we can offer our customers the best pricing possible. Whether you need a specific service or unlimited everything, we can fulfill your needs. Calling, messaging and data packages for cell phones or your on-board GSM box are available. Our experienced staff can assist you in choosing the right services for you and your entire crew. We have solutions such as making a permanent American number affordable! You can use it abroad or put it on hold at your discretion for a fraction of the cost of a regular bill. From basic calling devices to top of the line smart phones including iPhones we can accommodate your specific needs. From having over 20 years in the Superyacht industry we have gathered a valuable knowledge that we pass on to you!

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As a 15 year veteran of the industry I have seen many companies come and go, but none have weathered the storm and stood the test of time like the courteous, professional and ever proficient NATIONAL MARINE SUPPLIERS. Its name is synonymous with excellence and is as reliable as you can get, there is no better. The most incredible, friendly and reliable staff are always there to back you up, quick with a joke or an invite to that special party. Before you hit that panic button, call National Marine Suppliers, I do!!