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    Making things simpler, lighter, easier and more convenient is part of the philosophy of multiplex. Founded in 1986, the creative think tank has developed swiftly but surely to become a global market leader in the field of boarding systems, offering top-quality products based on carbon fiber – gangways, ladders, railings, fender launch systems and awnings in the most exclusive design. As well as being supremely stylish, they have the properties that are needed on all yachts – they are lightweight, easy to handle and stow away and moreover they are absolutely rustproof and highly resistant to environmental influences such as salt water.


    Multiplex has made it their missions to strive towards perfection to significantly enhance value with innovative gangways, ladders, railings and fender launch systems, as well out latest shade solutions that let you regulate exactly the amount of sun you get.





    Easy installation and less weight combined with elegant design let the sun awning system became a product which enjoys great popularity. Several possibilities of fixing enable an installation on every superstructure on every Yacht. Each sail is individually hand made so it will suit perfectly to the vessel’s outline. Miscellaneous paintings of the poles as well as several types of sailcloth and sailcloth colors leave nothing to be desired. You can get your sun awning poles equipped with loud-speakers or lights, so that the sun awnings change into a party-all rounder in the evening. If the system is not needed it can be demounted easily and stowed in the corresponding bags.






    Extremely light weight yet with maximum load capacity are just two demands made on yachting equipment. As part of multiplex’s commitment to pursuing the demand for cutting-edge manufacturingtechniques and innovative materials, it has developed the multiflap – a gangway manufactured from a 100% carbon fiber base. This provides a wide range of bene ts exclusive to the use of this special material. The multiflap is light, stable and resistant to deformation. It is also weather-proof, which means that neither wind nor seawater can cause any harm. With a weight of 4.4 kg per meter and a quick, simple fixing system, it can be mounted and dismounted by a single person. The practical hinge system keeps storage space to a minimum.







    Based on the multifender modular component system, all multifender systems are produced according to individual requirements. This means that we tailor the multifender to all imaginable conditions so that it can be used in absolutely every location. The length and number of bumpers used is determined in line with individual requirements. To calculate this, we need to know the height between the top of the platform and the waterline, together with the height of the gunwale on the vessel in question. The placement of the articulated link, as well as the fender base itself, is then calculated using the expected final dead weight of the vessel. With responsible utilization, the multi-rollers are basically designed for vessels weighing up to 12 tons. With this degree of versatility, our multifenders – including the fastening systems – are fully customizable for your individual needs.



    The multiguard system from multiplex is a railing made from pure carbon fiber, designed and shaped according to a client’s individual requirements. The design can range from the traditional three-section to curved shapes such as hearts, abstract figures or even logos.
    It can be attached to the deck quickly and securely using a proven 90-degree fastener. Stainless steel at the base of the stanchions provides 100-percent guarantee against corrosion. At the same time, its simple installation means that it is versatile and can be used in many applications, for example around a helipad, as the multiguard system can be erected and dismantled in no time at all. An individual segment weighs only about three to five kilos depending on its pattern and can therefore be stowed away easily on wall brackets. This saves an enormous amount of stowage space on deck.
    Despite its low weight the multiguard system can withstand a lateral pressure of up to 100 kilos and has been certified by Lloyds Register. As is standard with multiplex, the system is available in a free choice of colors with personalized advice and world-wide service.



    Multiplex swim ladders are all handcrafted to respond to the demands of the yachting world and are customized to meet your individual requirements – a philosophy that allows us to guarantee the highest standards of quality.

    The multiplex multiladder system is based on the multiplex typical carbon fiber compound construction system. The lightness of this ladder construction enables an easy and quick assembly and dismantling. The use of carbon fiber and stainless steel ensures 100 % corrosion resistance. Multiplex swim ladders are also characterized by optimum ergonomic features and need less space for stowage.







    The multistair, ship-to-shore stairs, with 4mm teak covering on the carbon fiber structure is individually adapted to the specific needs of the sailing or motor yacht. The use of carbon fiber and stainless steel ensures 100% corrosion resistance. The multistair can be used for access over the side, or over the stern, directly into the cockpit. It can be swung through 90 degrees from a fully horizontal to a fully vertical position, with all steps automatically aligning in parallel with the surface of the sea. The handrail also adapts perfectly to the incline gradient. Telescopic struts ensure optimal distance to the hull to avoid damage. They also ensure optimum spacing between the stairs and the hull, thus preventing damage, as well as ensuring safe stability of the multistair. The stairs‘ three lightweight elements mean that they can be secured easily in position, and the choice of length, width and number of steps makes these stairs fully customizable.

    Stop by our Superyacht Toyshop for a close up look at our Multiplex display highlighting all items shown in this article. For more information on Multiplex systems contact Max Rash,



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