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    Motion Magnetic Glassware


    Motion® Global manufactures and distributes unique, elegant, stylish gravity-defying crystal glassware and accessories. Their signature “Motion glassware” are some of the finest quality drink-ware made from lead-free crystalline glass ensuring maximum durability and safety. Motion® products are secured to any compatible surface using an unique magnetic system. Motion can be used on dedicated tables and tray tables or special place-mats on which the vessels are safe from sliding off or falling over. The magnet adheres enough to hold your vessel in place and safe up to 45 degree tilt or 40 knots speeds on open sea, or turbulence that one may experience on an airplane. Motion® glasses are lifted effortlessly and secured again once placed back down. The table tops can be easily installed by installing existing table mounts straight underneath the table tops. The Motion table tops and panels can be made with any desirable finish eg, Teak, Beech, walnut veneer in any shape or size. For any purpose their technical team can develop a dedicated panel.

    Motion Demo video from Motion Global Ltd, on Vimeo.

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